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Our Company EJN Holdings Pte. Ltd., provides a one stop shop all platform through leveraging our strategic relationship with intergrated financial & corporate solutions catered to client’s needs. We have created an in-house open infrastructure that can independently leverage any suitable third party platform and relationship.

We are problem solvers with the flexibility to structure deals tailored to diversified clients of different sectors. We work to ensure that decisions are supported with deep industry experience and insights.

With a highly experienced team and dedicated operations, together we work with companies to support management, streamline and improve business processes and operations, strengthen corporate governance, expand market share and improve performance.


To build a global empire to enhance the development of cross border strategic partnership, entrepreneuship and collaboration.

The Perfect Balance

Harmony, work life balance, achieve goals & spending quality time. The ancient symbol of harmony reminds us that life is a balancing act & most Fulfilling whwn we learn to embrace its durabilities, its ups & downs, good times & bad times, joy & challenges.


Commit to decisions to shape them into elite businessman, make every moment count.


Successful investment starts with courage. Success is finding the balance of risk, rewards, returns & balance of financial affluence & emotional security


Ordinary people with extraordinary business ideas.


Steady persistent in a course of action, purpose, pursue of goals in spite of difficulties, obstacles or discouragement.

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